Three or More: Monster Match version 1.02 submitted to the App Store

Just three days on the heels of Monster Match 1.01 hitting the App Store we just put the finishing touches on Three or More: Monster Match 1.02 which has been in the works since a day after 1.0 was submitted to the store. This is a very mighty feature update to the Three or More games that all our current and new users will love.

Drag to match
First off we now support touch and flick movements for matching as well as our current tap tap to swap icons. You can drag your finger from the icon up, down, left or right and when you release your touch it will swap icons to make a match. This really improves the game play flow and makes for a faster paced matching experience.

Automatic hint animations are now in this version and were a highly requested feature. Sometimes we just couldn’t see that last match on the board and now after a few seconds without a match it will give you a hint where a match is on the board!

Pause game
This is huge, you can now have one saved game state that you can resume after terminating your game so that you don’t have to lose that new high score just because you have to get back to work or take a call. Just touch the pause button at the top of an active game to save your progress, close out the app and you can resume it later!

Quicker Animation
Great for Timed Mode but super nice in Classic too, we’ve improved the animation speed for icon swapping, matching and falling. This really speeds up the games feel and is quite nice when racing the clock.

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